Wesley was born in Glendale, California, to a Italian-born mother, Maria (Maiorino), and a Croatian-born father, Zeljko Sabo. Wesley reinstated the “z” into his last name after it had been removed many generations ago to make it more Americanized. He is a dual-national holding citizenship to the United States and Italy.


Wesley started Martial Arts (Taekwondo) at the age of 9 and achieved his Black Belt by the age of 17. He began his acting training in 2002 and has had a very successful career since.


In addition to being an actor, Wesley is an accomplished writer and producer. His most recent project, "Just Me and All of You", premiered at the Festival De Cannes and won an Award of Merit at the Best Shorts Competition. Wesley is credited with starring alongside "American Horror Story" star, Naomi Grossman, as well as writing and producing the film. "Just Me and All of You" is currently being developed in to a feature film.


Wesley lives in Los Angeles, is a foodie, and loves wearing happy socks.